Ryland Mews Homeowners Association v. Munoz

Ryland Mews Homeowners Association v. Munoz 234 Cal.App.4th 705 (2015)   Facts: Homeowners’ association brought action against a homeowner for the homeowner’s removal of carpeting from his upstairs unit and the unauthorized installation of hard-surface flooring. The Superior Court granted preliminary injunction and the homeowner appealed.  Homeowner claimed that hardwood floors were necessary in his […]

Castaic Lake Water Agency v. Newhall County Water District

Castaic Lake Water Agency v. Newhall County Water District 238 Cal.App.4th 1196 (2015)   Facts:  Water agency petitioned for writ of mandate to overturn certain action taken by county water district and its board of directors on the ground that they failed to comply with the open meeting requirements of the Brown Act by erroneously […]

Davis-Stirling Act

Here is the Davis Stirling Act – 2015 in searchable PDF format. Click top open or right click to download to your computer. Davis Stirling Act 2015     Here is a conversion table for the Rewrite of the Davis Stirling Act – 2014 in searchable PDF format. Click top open or right click to download […]


California Court of Appeal upholds a Homeowners Association’s right to limit hard surface flooring: When Ruben Munoz (“Munoz”) and his wife moved into their upstairs unit at Ryland Mews Homeowners Association (“Association”) in February 2011, they replaced the carpets with hardwood floors to accommodate the wife’s severe dust allergy. After the installation, the occupants of […]

Case Law Update- City of Pasadena v. Superior Court (Mercury Casualty Company)

Real Property – City-owned tree that fell on a private residence during a windstorm, damaging the structure, was part of a work of public improvement such that the city could be held liable for inverse condemnation. City’s proof that it had pruned tree twice in seven years did not, for purposes of summary adjudication, establish […]

10 Tips to Maintain Your Landscape and Conserve Water

According to Irvine Ranch Water District, “Up to 60percent of your home’s total water usage is used outdoors.” Use these tips to conserve water, while maintaining your landscape and protecting your home’s property value. 1. Water early in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures are cooler. Save 25 gallons per day.  2. […]

CAI-Legislative Action Committee – Call To Action: Oppose H.R. 4969 to Protect Community Rules & Standards

Last Month, U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) introduced H.R. 4969, legislation that may invalidate community association rules and architectural standards that govern the installation and use of amateur radio towers and antennas.

Law stops homeowner associations from fining residents for brown lawns during droughts

SACRAMENTO, California – Homeowners associations can no longer slap fines on residents with dry, brown lawns during droughts under legislation that took effect Monday, July 21, 2014. Governor Jerry Brown signed AB2100 following an April emergency order prohibiting homeowner associations from penalizing residents who conserve water in a declared drought. Democratic Assemblywoman Nora Campos of […]

Is a Homeowners Association Required to Accept Partial Payment?

In Huntington Continental v. J.M. Trust (Cal. App. Sup. Ct.; January 13, 2014)(222 Cal. App. 4th Supp. 13.) the Appellate Division of the Orange County Superior Court held that the Davis-Stirling Act compels associations to accept partial payments from homeowners to reduce the amount of the homeowner’s unpaid assessments. Associations are concerned that this decision […]

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